In 2016, we celebrated our 10th anniversary. We are so proud that XMind has been working at designing and developing the professional, friendly, and innovative mind mapping and brainstorming tools for more than 10 YEARS! We are forever grateful for the engagement and feedbacks from all of our customers that have helped us become the company we are today.

As a professional mind mapping software, XMind offers abundance of amazing features, such as brainstorming, slide-based presentation, Gantt chart, work with PDF/Office, XMind Cloud etc. If you’re a new customer or only use XMind for a few months, there are some hidden features you may have missed. In this article we’d like to introduce how you can embed your mind map to your blog.

Mind map is a great way to convey complex information visually in a variety of understandable and colorful formats. Adding visual content created by mind mapping software to your blog post can get the attention of your readers easily and help them understand your blog content quickly. Below we will take WordPress as an example to introduce how to embed an XMind file to a blog:

1. Click the Share button on the toolbar after you finish your mind map;

2. Choose to share to blog, enter description if necessary and click Upload;

3. After uploading you will find an embed code.

4. Copy and paste the embed code into the text area.

To embed a mind map you’ve already uploaded to XMind mind map library,

1. Sign in with your XMind ID;
2. Click the mind map you want to embed to your blog post;
3. Click the Embed button under the mind map;

4. Copy and paste the embed code into the text area.

Happy embedding!