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Christmas is here! Are you considering a family celebration along with some friends? However, as the old saying goes “He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration”, you need to plan ahead.

No need to worry, XMind is here to offer help. We’ll guide you to make a better celebration step by step.

Make clear of the party’s main points

The first thing above all is to make clear of the party information. Ask yourself these questions first:

* What’s the theme/style for this party?
* How many people you’d like to invite?
* Where & when do you want to have the party?
* How do you intend to entertain them?

Once you have these things in mind, note them down in XMind, and then you can move forward.

About the invitees

When you have a general concept of how many people you’d like to invite, you could then list the specific guests to invite. There are two parts of invitees : friends and family.
It would be polite to schedule your party duration time in advance, and inform your guests when the party starts and when it ends. Specify the hour & location to avoid confusion.

If you have lots of people that don’t really konw each other, it’ll be a good idea to have the nametags ready. You can be creative here by adding interesting fact about the person like ” Best tennis player among us”.

Be creative on the entertainment

The most important thing is to decide the entertainment part, which would help the party to reach its apogee. You can discuss that part with your friends, and start a brainstorming session using XMind to collect ideas.

You can also use the new slide-based presentation mode in XMind to create some funny games, like a guessing game. Just free your imagination!

Party atmosphere with decorations

A nice party atmosphere asks for appropriate decorations. Choose the materials, lighting, scents as well as music that best fit your party theme. If your party is supposed to be warm and casual , you can use some scented candles and turn on your favorite soft music. If, however, your party theme is supposed to be exciting and funny, then you can use more rocky and happy music, and use different decorations. Once your decision is made, note them down in XMind and classify them into the decoration group.

Don’t forget the budget

Once the entertainments & decorations are decided, you’ll need to consider your shopping list, including the decoration stuff & the foods. Then, make a budget on this celebration plan. Fun is important, but you don’t need to be lavish.

Here is a suggested plan we made for you. Believe you could come up with better ideas yourselves.


Send out the Invitation

Now that your celebration plan is well ready, it’s time to send the invitation out. The invitation letter can be easy with XMind. Write an email and use the same template to indicate the key elements, like the theme, time & place, the invitees, and the foods so that your guests could know in advance what to take with them and be well prepared. You can even print the invitation map out to involve it in the real invitation card.

After the party

Using XMind to send a thank you letter for your invitees along with pictures of them at the party. Attach the picture and other interesting elements in the map panel.  In XMind, it’s also convenient to share your map through Twitter, Facebook or other social media to share the happy moment with your friends. Just click the “share” button at the upper right corner of the main screen.

Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy party night!

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