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Nowadays, projects are becoming bigger and more complex. Project manager George is managing five major projects simultaneously. One of them is going to due in two weeks. But the project is at least five weeks behind! 

It’s hard.

George is definitely not the only one who struggles with multiple projects. Managers need better tools to help them plan and implement projects, monitor their status, maintain control of project budget and communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders. Luckily, XMind is here to help. Below, we will introduce some handy features for general project management. If you want to avoid some beginner mistakes or know about Agile project management, you can take a look of our guide here.

All projects at a glance

For project manager like George who is managing multiple major projects simultaneously, project dashboard is your best choice. All projects will be displayed in one mind map, so that you can have a clear overview of all projects without submerging yourself in the details.

Manage a project

XMind, an incredibly versatile tool for project management, suits perfectly every stage of project management process. When managing a project, there are numerous things need to be done. Good visualization tools like XMind help you get all needed information quickly. Simply open a blank mind map and write down all project related information, you will get a clear overview of your project.

In XMind’s Task Info view, you can

  • enter an assignee who is responsible for a task;
  • select a proper priority level for a task;
  • quickly set the start and end date for a task by mouse click;
  • easily change the task progress by moving the progress slide;
  • set check point to determine whether the project is proceeding as planned and to take corrective action as needed;
  • add a predecessor to the selected task.

Gantt chart in project management

Gantt chart is one of the easiest ways to quickly visualize a project and all its subtasks. Even for complex projects, they can be used to provide a quick overview of the project. XMind converts the mind map to Gantt chart effortlessly, which helps you get all related information at a glance.

Simply click the “Gantt Chart” button on the toolbar you can open the Gantt chart view. In the left part of the Gantt chart view, you can quickly add, edit or change all task information, which will be shown as task bars in the right part. When you hover over the task bar, the detailed information will be shown as a tooltip. You can change the start and end date by moving or dragging the task bar and even add dependency between two tasks.

Print Gantt chart to multiple pages

To communicate information with your team or stakeholders easily and effectively, XMind supports printing the Gantt chart on multiple pages and exporting the Gantt chart to MS Project, PDF and image.

Presentation makes communication easy

Sometimes project managers may need to present the project, so the team members can fully understand the project process and their responsibilities, or they just need to report on the current status of a project. XMind has a very powerful and helpful presentation feature, which helps present from topic to topic and get focused on each particular topic with the help of the darkened background. With slide-based presentation feature you can customize your own presentation with just a few clicks.

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