All of us realize that file sharing has become an integral part of our life and work. Here we’d like to share how to use XMind with Dropbox.

As we know, Dropbox is great at syncing files between computers. Anything you save in Dropbox folder will be accessible from any other devices.

Using XMind with Dropbox

Three easy steps to access your mind map across all your computers:

  • Sign up an account and install Dropbox on your computer;
  • Create a new folder named “XMind” in your Dropbox;
  • Save XMind files directly to this folder.

After saving your mind map to Dropbox, it can be directly opened from and saved to Dropbox. If you edit the mind map opened from Dropbox and click Save, your mind map will be updated automatically.

If you’d like to share your maps with other people, that’s easy too—just create a shared link.

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