The Angry Birds Movie is hot worldwide after a few weeks of the release. This movie is a 2016 3D computer-animated action-adventure comedy film based on the video game series of the same name. It was released in the United States on May 20, 2016.

The film tells the simple story of birds. Bird Island is an island inhabited by flightless birds. One day, a boat docks at Bird Island, carrying pigs from Piggy Island. Claiming to be peaceful explorers bringing offerings of friendship, the pigs are accepted on the island. However, Red, Chuck and Bomb realize the pigs’ purpose is to steal the birds’ eggs. Red’s group attempts to retrieve the eggs.

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XMind is a great tool for project planning and project management.

As you start a project, there are numerous things need to be organized, such as processes of the project, business requirements analysis in measurable goals, financial analysis of the costs and benefits, task assignment, task priority etc.

XMind can be used to collect and organize relevant information, so that you and every member of your team have a clear understanding of the goal, schedule, budget, resources, risks, and requirements for the project. Task information such as assignee, duration and priority can be easily applied directly to each task in your mind map. You can also define project milestones and track the progress of key elements of your project in XMind.

After adding all task details, you can easily check all these tasks and their detailed information in the Gantt chart view. Gantt chart is a special viewer illustrating a project schedule, showing the timelines of the tasks and tracking assigned tasks. And you can quickly make adjustments in Gantt chart when schedules and resources change.

Furthermore, XMind 7 enables you to export your Gantt chart to MS Project, PDF and image file for further development or to share them with other project managers. You can also print the entire project. If you have a big project, XMind even lets you print it on multiple pages.

As you can see, XMind is a powerful, flexible and highly productive way to manage your projects. It not only helps you with initial project planning, but also various aspects of project management.

If you are using XMind, why not give it a try today? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the clarity it brings to your projects. And it will help you significantly increase your productivity!

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Many companies and organizations are benefiting from XMind, such as Angry Birds, Commerzbank, European Parliament etc.

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