We believe nothing is better than sharing your best mind maps with others. Now, you can simply use the “Share” feature to upload your maps into the XMind.net, local network or Biggerplate.com. Further, after uploading to XMind.net, one URL for your map will be generated and you can share the link to friends on social network.

Our users have shared more than 110,000 creative mind maps in XMind Library. Join in the community by uploading your maps to “XMind.net”. Firstly, you have to launch XMind and open your maps. Secondly, on the toolbar, click “File”, select “Share”, “XMind.net”. Next, you can design a proper title and description for your maps and select from “Privacy” to public or not. Finally, adjust maps in Thumbnail and click “Upload” then done!

If you want to share maps with other XMind users in the same local network, again, launch XMind and open your maps. Select “Local Network”from “Share” option, you can either choose to share with select user or share with everyone in the local network, just click “Upload” after you finish.

However, if you want to share maps to Biggerplate.com, the steps are easy too. Launch XMind, open your maps, select share to “Biggerplate”. Sign in your Biggerplate account and authorize XMind to access your account. Enter your title and description for your maps then upload. Is it simple and easy to do?

Now, it’s your turn to make a try! Please do contact XMind support if you need any assistance.