In addition to topics and lines, there are many other small “accessories” we can use in our mind maps. Proper use of these accessories could be a melioration for the map. Today we’ll talk some of them in this blog.


When facing with a mind map with multiple topics, it’s easy to lose focus. So it  will be difficult for the readers to distinguish between the important and the unimportant. At this time, a beautiful shape with background color will be a good choice. We also offer many styles for the boundary.

The operation is always simple: By selecting one or more topics (of the same branch, in the same level) and pressing Ctrl + B, you can add a boundary to the selected topic(s). And next, we can make some modifications for the boundary, such as choosing another shape, changing a different fill color and so on, to make it more beautiful.

If necessary, you can also add a text description to the boundary (Press F2). Then the reader will understand the meanings of it.  And, when you come back to this map after a long time, you’ll still remember why you ever added that boundary.


The summary feature is also very useful. People often use it to make a summary for some key points in the mind map.

With the shortcut Ctrl+J, you can add a summary to selected topics at the necessary time in your divergent mind map. Just like other types of topics, you can aslo change its styles, including the shape, color, fonts and so on. Even, summary can have its own subtopics.

Background color & Wallpaper

These two accessories can play a very good role in the decoration of our mind maps. To change a background color or add a wallpaper, you need to click on the blank area of the mind map first, and then set in the Properties view.

As for the background color, we can not only select the basic color provided,

but also use the color palette for custom design.

Sometimes, people would prefer wallpaper. In XMind, we’ve prepared many beautiful wallpapers for choosing. If they’re still not enough, we can also add our own picture in local as wallpaper to the map.

However, currently XMind only supports tiling the wallpaper.