Better ideas always bring us a better result. When we’re asked to be more innovative and effective, we got the real question is how-to? We can broaden our horizons, and increase our knowledge for long term. But, for short term, one better innovation tool should be a better choice. And that’s why we focused on the brainstorming functionality, and redesigned it within the whole 2014.

Make your ideas come spontaneously

As we know, there are 4 general principles for brainstorming, focus on quantity, withhold criticism, welcome unusual ideas, and combine and improve ideas. What the real purpose of them is to make the idea quantity as many as possible. So how to let the ideas come spontaneously?
Firstly, a stress-free scene is essential as it’s important to stimulate our creativity. So the brainstorming is a full-screen mode to guarantee all attention is on the map.

Idea factory

New insight inspires new ideas

Secondly, the thinking process is successive and inspirations disappears in seconds. To record and collect the inspirations smoothly, we bring the “Idea Factory”. It’s like a temporary storage area of the ideas. Look at the map, and just write down the ideas without any breaks. After that, we can finally evaluate the inspirations, and organize them on the map.

When stuck on some questions, we’re always told to change our thinking model. But thinking model is difficult to change as developed over time. If we can’t change how people think about it, why not change what it looks like. So we developed the “Night Mode”.
Under the night mode, all contents and relationships are highlighted. And the distraction of color are token away. Suddenly, we switch to a new insight of the whole mind map after clicking the night mode button.

Night Mode

Considering the rapid growth of idea quantity, we also found it becomes more and more difficult to expand one branch as the other ideas’ interference. We need to focus on the target branch in a clearer context. So we save the “Drill Down” functionality under brainstorming mode. Selecting any topic, and pressing “F6”, we can get new insight of the topic. More important, drill down functionality is the exclusive design of XMind.

Drill Down

One more thing

To make your control the whole brainstorming session, we also bring you the timer widget. It’s an simple and easy-to-use design. Just click the clock icon, and set the time. Also, you can play the “Tik Tok” audio to make you think better.


PS: Brainstorming is the professional feature of XMind Pro. To view more details, please refer t the pricing page or feature page.