After the release of XMind 6, we received many valuable ideas and feedbacks from our users. It told us that XMind 6 still has the room of continued improvement. To make the most of XMind 6, we’ve decided to public a minor update. Today, this new update XMind v3.5.2 is available.

Even through regarded as a minor update, XMind v3.5.2 has got some important improvements. Taking the language change option as an example, we can now choose from 14 language packages easily at the preference dialog, without finding and editing XMind.ini file any more. Also, we’ve recoded the PDF export functionality for correcting the “image too large” error. Making it simple, all changes are listed below.


  1. Add a language change option to Preferences.
  2. Improve theme usage experience. When applying a theme, users can now choose from overriding all custom styles in the target map or keeping them.
  3. Improve export experiences.
  4. Add Danish and Japanese “Welcome to XMind” map guide under help menu.
  5. Modify the translation errors in Japanese, Russian, French language pack.

Fixed Bugs:

  1. Fixed an issue that causes some text to disappear after exporting to PDF (Map) on Ubuntu.
  2. Fixed some issues that cause XMind to crash after exporting to Microsoft Word and PDF Document on Ubuntu.
  3. Fixed an internal error occurred during: “Template Image Loader”.
  4. Fixed an error while saving to Evernote under the Drill Down mode.
  5. Fixed a bug that causes the exported Microsoft Project file to contain Chinese text.
  6. Fixed an issue that causes “export to Microsoft PPT” not working.
  7. Fixed an issue that causes XMind to crash while using “Alt +DownArrow” shortcut under Filter mode.
  8. Fixed a bug that causes text typed in editing box to disappear after switching between sheets.
  9. Fixed an issue that the wallpaper can’t be removed after set by a theme containing it.
  10. Fixed a bug that causes file hyperlinks pointing to LAN locations to be recognized as relative paths.
  11. Other minor bug fixes.

Download the new update now.