See this post for more information about new features of XMind 6.

On this beautiful and crisp autumn day, we’re so excited to announce that the brand new XMind 6 is completely available for you now. The past 7 years, we’ve been dedicated to developing the most efficient and powerful product to make people more productive and creative and work smarter. For this purpose, we rack our brains all day to devise new useful functions. More importantly, we listen to our customers and let their feedback shape our product. After a year’s effort and sweat, today, XMind comes with so many cool new features and important improvements here to users.

Download XMind 6

Now, you can download the new XMind 6 from our website


XMind 6 comes with 3 different editions: XMind (free and open), XMind 6 Plus, and XMind 6 Pro.

XMind 6 Plus is USD79/EUR62/GBP54. XMind 6 Pro is USD99/EUR79/GBP69. The feature comparison table about the editions is here: .

Upgrade Now!

If you’ve purchased XMind Plus/Pro 2013, you can upgrade your license from USD29. Learn more at

If you’ve purchased XMind Plus/Pro 2012/2013 with 2-year upgrade service, you will be freely upgraded to XMind 6 Plus/Pro correspondingly. We will send you the new license key to your mail box, please note to check.