Every day is a challenge in this modern society. We have to do many things to keep the life under control. There are some good to-do applications which are trying to help us out. But they are more like an excellent reminder. And we may still need a better assistant, who can help us planing work, analyzing complicated things, or even making decisions.  And it can push our productivity to the limits whatever on our life or working.
Now, look at the Mind map, as a great productivity tool, it should play the more important role in our life.And here, I just collect few things it can help to share with you.

note: click the images below to download the template, if you like that map. And the templates can be added to XMind for further usage.

Decision Making

Every day, we are making many decisions. The timely, well-considered decision makes our life better. For XMind, it supports us to identify the pros and cons, map out the likely consequences of every choice, and take actions.



Manage the main ideas in pyramid structure and stretch them one by one intuitively without any limitation. It eventually comes as no surprise that your article can be so logical.


To-do list

Converting daily task into topic, we can quickly manage them, catch our action blueprint, and make the implementation process without anxiety.


Notes Taking

Visualizing information, and organizing them in structure make it more efficiently to memorize the complex information.


Problem solving

Define the question as central topic, and break down it into little questions. Eventually, the solution just comes out automatically.


Life plan

Prior to design the path, we should firstly set our life goal. Finding the gap between the purpose and the reality, we can decomposing the goal and design the next actions.


Have you used XMind to manage your everyday life before? If not, you may download the templates above by clicking the images, and give it a try.

To use the template: please click the “Add Template” on the “templates and themes” dialog after launching XMind.

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