XMind 2012 is very good at clarifying thinking and managing complex information. And we’re proud for delivering you this exceptional innovation and productivity tool. However, new challenges come within the past year, and they require more excellent mind mapping software. After long time design and implementation, XMind 2013 (v 3.4.0) official version is finally ready now.

Previsous LogoAs a new milestone, XMind 2013 has 11 new features and 16 meaningful improvements. Also, it is more stable, especially when we fixed most of the known bugs. Along with XMind 2013, we release the logo of XMind. It means that the new rebranding process. In the future, we engage to bring you the more elegant and professional mind mapping tool for business and life. Here, we invite you to take a quick glance of the new XMind together.

More Templates & New Style

XMind 2013 has added 10 new templates, like Six Thinking Hats, Travel Plan, Negotiation of Sales, and etc. The new templates prove that XMind can not only improve our creativity and productivity on the business, but also organize our everyday life. When we design the mind map, the redesigned markers and “Clip Art” makes us access a more elegant and uniform style. And the new style editor makes it step further by choosing a built-in style you like or create your own.

New Templates New Marker New Clip Art

Local Network Sharing

The effective collaboration is the key to team success. Working with the XMind 2013, the local network sharing supports us to share mind maps by one clicking, review our teammates’ mind maps in one place and download the selected XMind files for further editing. More important, the shared mind maps will update automatically, and we can send messages with essential instructions within XMind.

Local Network Sharing

Brand New Export Feature

Mind map is good at innovating and organizing ideas, but it’s not the universal format. And XMind always engages to break the boundary. For the first time, we can export our XMind file to SVG (in vector) and spreadsheet. By exporting to SVG, it is available to print our mind map in any scale and check any details without distortion. And exporting to the spreadsheet brings us a different perspective for new insights. More important, we can review all task information in one place.

Except for the new export options, we’re pleased to inform you that the export to Word/PDF/PPT has been improved. The overall style of the exported file has been redesigned, and catalog can be created to display the whole layout. More important, XMind can now export to Word, PPT and Excel on all platforms (Mac, Windows and Linux), even if there is no MS Office software.

Export to spreadsheet Export to SVG Export to Office on Mac Improved Export to Word/PDF/PPT

Manage XMind files Easily

Maybe we’ve created many XMind files, and many of they have the related content. For this case, we can  merge the sheets of 2 workbooks  perfectly. Then, the files can organized in a better way. Also, we can use the “reduce file size” feature to delete the revisions and preview images quickly.

So many other changes are waiting for you. And now, it is your turn to start off for a new mind mapping journey.

Download XMind 2013