Old Logo

The current XMind Logo has existed for more than 5 years. Within these years, it has been seen by more than 13,000,000 people all over the world, and helped 2,000,000 of them  to get familiar to XMind. The firstly inspiration of the logo is from a running man, which is full of energy and ready to start off.

After these years, XMind has been more and more powerful year by year. It isn’t the basic mind mapping tool any more, but the most popular mind mapping software in the hearts of our many users. We don’t want it look like somewhat outdated. And we wish to it can focus on the mind mapping again and lead a revolution.

Previsous Logo

Finally, we decided to redesign the logo and spent about half a year to implement. Now the brand new logo of XMind has been ready. It has flat design, without any redundant decoration. It looks like more fresh and pure. The lean design makes it elegant and vivid. For Mac, it corresponds with Mac long term design mode, and the lead design makes it similar to the applications like Safari, Map etc. For windows, it has modern design and fits Windows 8. More important, it stands for that we will focus on mind mapping further and strive to bring you the better mind mapping tool.

The brand new logo of XMind will be launched with XMind 2013 released. So do you like the new logo?