AppStorm  is a very popular blog all about Mac and OS X software. It focuses on bringing reviews of great Mac apps and rounding them up into categorized lists. And we just found it is very concerned about XMind so that it has recommended XMind at different places.

Within the article “The Apps We Use” , written by Bill Morefield, XMind has been listed with some other excellent productivity tools, like Evernote and Dropbox. “When I start a new project or presentation I prefer to begin by creating a mind map. This lets me visually organize my thoughts and then refine them into a written work. I’ve used a number of tools, but right now XMind is my favorite. It’s flexible and allows creation of some less common formats of diagrams. “, the author has said.

Within another article, the editor of AppStorm has described XMind as “very powerful, but still easy to use”. That’s the point. On one hand, XMind is so powerful to clarify thinking, manage complex information and organize everyday life or business. On the other hand, we can create a mind map only with “Enter” and “Tab” keys. Also,we can set up a mind map to look just how I want it with “Theme” feature and drill down a part of the whole mind map with one clicking.


XMind is special and we’re working hard to make it better. In my humble opinion, XMind 2013 can be the best evidence for what I say. It will be proven to be more powerful and easy-to-use than the current one. Meanwhile, please leave your suggestions and comments below so that we could accomplish this meaningful trip together with you.