Bug Bounty Program

Good news! XMind is launching a $ 5,000 (USD) Bug Bounty Program. It’s designed to make our product more stable and reliable than it already is and reward those who help us in this endeavor. And for our users, we will take this as a new starting point to make XMind better for your professional and intense works.

The program currently focuses on the File Storage Reward. Everyone is eligible, except the employees of XMind Ltd. You can submit the bug to bugbounty@xmind.net with a clear description and win your bounty. The submitted bug should be original and previously unreported and not fixed yet. And the winners will be announced at the developer page of XMind website.

Here, we would love invite everyone to give it a try. And we appreciate any ideas from you. They are always valuable and treated with respect. For more details, please refer to this the “Bug Bounty Program” page.