Recently I came across an excellent article about building website. And what really surprise me is that the author has used XMind as an important tool for website architecture. Actually, it has offered me a brand new perspective of XMind.

The article is “The Secret to Building Large Websites: Website Architecture“. And it’s from Six Revisions, an popular website that publishes practical and useful information for designers and web developers.

In this article, Nikita, the author, has described the website architecture like building a skyscraper. The visitor may never be aware of how it is properly planed and drawn out. But we need to consider the convenience, innovation, comfort and etc. Also, Nikita has divided the website architecture into 11 stages.

11 stages(Nikita Semenov)

At the 7th and 8th stages, Nikita adopts XMind as the major analysis tool. “When we have a bunch of ideas, it becomes helpful when we start visualizing and interconnect them… To create mind maps, we should use Xmind”, Nikita said.

Visualize and interconnect ideas(Nikita Semenov)

No matter for the website architecture, competition analysis, marketing plan, and even everyday life, ideas are always the most important things. They’re the source of our innovation ability, metaphor to our potential and the unique competitive advantages.

However, we normally miss the opportunity to make the most of the ideas. Just like what Nikita said, we need to visualize and interconnect them. By this way, we are able to find more hidden possibilities, hiding behind the ideas. Managing the ideas with mind map, we can organize the ideas, stimulate the creativity and shape the final solution better.

So what’s your idea about visualizing and interconnecting ideas? Please leave your comments below.