New Webstie
The brand new website of XMind has just been released last weekend. Compared with the original one, it has a totally appearance and content. Within the last year, we’ve been keeping working hard to bring you a brand new XMind. More important, the new website will only be the starting point of this campaign.

The new website has a fresh theme, clearer layout, and friendly user experience. To make the reading process more fluent, we’ve deleted many decoration elements and hidden much useless information to highlight the important messages. And the background color has been changed into “white”, which is more suitable for reading. You may have found that the images have been totally redesigned, which has an uniform style and better color assortment.

Except for the appearance, we’ve reconsidered the question what XMind is? At last April, XMind was highlighted as the most popular mind mapping software by with thousands of volunteers’ votes. And there are millions of people, like you and me, who’re using XMind to clarify thinking, manage complex information, run brainstorming and get work organized all over the world.

After all, our one and only purpose is to explain XMind better with less words. By this way, every visitor can get a better view of XMind without information overload.

Here, we would love to send you a warm “thank you” for your support all the way and we will never take it as granted.  At last, would you love to join us and share your valuable ideas about the new website?