LNS (local network sharing) is the huge new feature of XMind 2013. It is designed to share XMind files among people in the same local network, esp. one office. The simple and effective operation makes it so different. We can share the mind map to all colleagues with only one click and review the works of other by double-clicking in LNS View. And more, when sharing a map, we can send a message as instruction or inquiry to a specific person or all colleagues within XMind at the same time. Then they will understand ur map easier and faster.
PS: To use the local network sharing, we need to install Apple’s bonjour as plug-in.

Enable local network sharing

Within the installation process
When we launch XMind for the first time, XMind will remind us to install Apple’s bonjour package to enable the LNS automatically. Clicking “OK” can install bonjour and enable LNS.

Remind to install bonour

Within the preference view
If we haven’t installed bonjour and enabled LNS within the installation process, we can still make it within the preference view.

  1. Select “Edit-Preference-Local Network Sharing”
  2. In the dialog, click the “Install bonjour and enable”

Install Bonjour and Enable

Share an Map

To share an editing map

  1. Launch XMind and create a new mind map
  2. Then there are two way to share the map
    • Select “File-Share in Local Network” on the menu
    • Click “Share in Local Network” button on the bottom
  3. Select the target folder and click the “Save” button in the coming dialog
  4. Then the LNS view will be shown. And this map will be there with all other shared maps.

Share in local network button

To share an existing map

  1. Launch XMind
  2. Select “View — Local Network Sharing” from menu
  3. Click the plus button at the top right corner in the coming LNS View
  4. Select the existing file from the computer
  5. Click OK and share this map

Plus button

PS: After you share a map, all your modification on this map will be shared automatically. So your colleagues can review your latest map ASAP.

Send message

We can attach a message of map summary, instructions and questions with the shared map.

  1. Select “View — Local Network Sharing” from menu
  2. Right-click the map, shared by yourself, in the coming LNS View
  3. Select “Send Message For These Maps…”
  4. Choose the receiver and input the message in the coming message dialog
  5. Click “OK” to send the message

Message dialog


  • Currently, you can send the message only for the maps you shared.
  • Right-clicking the shared maps in LNS view, we stop sharing the mind maps by selecting “Stop Sharing…” option

Open the shared maps

All shared maps are listed at the LNS View. And there is 2 ways to open they.

  • Double-clicking on the target map
  • Right-click the target map and choose “Open” option

Online/Offline status

Normally, we can receive the messages and share our mind maps once we enable the local network sharing in the Preferences View. For sometimes, we may not want to be interrupted or not want to share the mind maps temporarily. For this case, we can set our status as “Offline”

  1. Click the status button on XMind bottom toolbar
  2. Choose “Offline” option

PS: we can back to “online” status by choosing the “Online” option
Online Status

Now we’ve prepared the collaboration tool. And it’s you turn to improve your team’s efficiency. Please leave your comments below to help us make it better.