To appreciate your support and trust, we’ve made an important decision. Everyone, who buys XMind now, can upgrade to XMind 2013 for free, which will be public in the near future.

After one year’s hard working, XMind 2013 is finally coming. Compared with the current edition, XMind 2013 is more powerful and professional on collaboration, presentation and integration. It has 1o new features and 11 important improvements. Also, we’ve fixed most of the known bugs of the current edition.

The local network sharing, exporting to CSV/Excel, exporting to Word/Excel/PPT on Mac, exporting to SVG and redesigned markers are huge features and we’ve spent much time to ship. But we believe all of the effort is worthy because it’s really amazing. And we’ve taken it as the biggest upgrade of XMind throughout history.


  • If your order is from 1st September (GMT), our background system will send you the update news automatically once XMind 2013 is ready.
  • XMind 2012 Pro can upgrade to XMind 2013 Pro and XMind 2012 Plus can upgrade to XMind 2013 Plus, but XMind XMind 2012 Plus can’t upgrade to XMind 2013 Pro.

For more details of XMind 2013, please refer to: Get A Sneak Peek of XMind 2013.