After one year hard work, we’re so glad to say that XMind 2013 Beta version is coming. And we’ve taken it as the biggest upgrade of XMind throughout history. We have the reason to believe that it will be amazing for you. Would you like to get a sneak peek of it with me?

1. Local Network Sharing (huge new feature)

It has been designed to share XMind files within the local networking area in a creative and productive way. It’s really a huge new feature, costing our one year to ship. Working with it, we can skip the emails and don’t need to notify the collaborators to update their files. We just need to share our mind map with few steps and leave the rest to XMind. XMind will guarantee that the shared files will always be the latest ones. More important, we can send messages to particular persons within the local networking area in a friendly approach. All of the shared mind maps have been listed at the local network sharing view panel, and can be opened by double clicking the target ones. What an amazing thing is that this important new feature is totally free.
Local Network Sharing

2. Export to Microsoft Excel/CSV

In XMind 2013, we can export our XMind files not only into Word/PDF/PPT, but also into Microsoft Excel and CSV. By exporting XMind files into the spreadsheet, we can get a totally different perspective. Firstly, we can quickly overview the ideas and the task information within one single page. Secondly, we can better focus on the ideas without visual noise. Thirdly, we can better move the ideas and organize them. At last, XMind has supplied 3 different layouts for the presentation as we like.


3. Export to SVG (in vectors)

When exporting XMind files into the images, we may find that it may become blurred when we zoom in. But now we can check and print the mind map at any scale as you like when exporting the file into SVG. By this, we can check any tiny details of our mind.

4. New marker design and more markers

Compared with the original version, XMind has a totally different marker design and more markers. The new markers have a uniform and brand new style. More important, the marker can resize automatically to fit the topic font for better presentation.

New Markers

The new features also includes……

  • Export to Microsoft Word/PPT/Excel on Mac OS X (huge new feature)
  • Print the whole workbook
  • Import from Microsoft Word
  • Merge XMind Workbooks
  • New style editor to design styles
  • Reduce file size


Except for the new features, we’ve also achieved many important improvements of XMind 2013.

  • Improved Export to Word/PPT/PDF/HTML
  • Export to PDF(Map) in vector graphics
  • The improvements also includes……
  • Gallery renamed to “Clip Art”
  • The way to add external file
  • Improved relative hyperlink
  • Shortcut to switch within different sheets (Ctrl + Page Up/ Page Down for windows; Ctrl + Fn + Up/ Down for Mac)
  • Focus on the topic in Gantt View synchronously
  • Make each marker group an expandable section in Markers view
  • Automatic resize marker to fit topic font
  • The order of markers in a topic is as same as the order in marker view.


At the same time, most of the known bugs of the original version have been fixed. And I listed some of them below:

  • XMind fails to launch after upgrading to Java 7.
  • Menu bar is invisible when pressing “Esc” key to quit the Brainstorming or Presentation mode on Mac OS X.
  • XMind fails to open the file on Mac OS X with Java 7 when the file name contains non-ASCII characters.
  • The hyperlink will be exported into recognizable code.
  • XMind fails to locate to the collapsed topic when double-clicking it within the search view.
  • Italic font can’t display correctly on Mac.
  • There is no hyperlink information of the notes when exporting to Word or PPT.
  • File with non-ASCII characters in name will show “?” in recent opened file list.

The above is the simple introduction of XMind 2013. Now it’s your turn to check it.

Please DOWNLOAD XMINd 2013 beta package from here.