Red Herring Asia Top 100

After the highly competitive Submission Review, Due Diligence and Live Presentation & Scoring, XMind was finally prized as one of 2013 Red Herring Asia Top 100 Winners from thousands of candidates.

Red Herring 100 Awards have been widely recognized as one of the industry’s more prestigious recognitions, with up to 1,400 candidates from each continent competing each year. It highlights the exciting startups from Asia, Europe and the Americas since 1996. It recognized more than 5,000 companies in their early stages, including Google, eBay, Skype and Baidu.

When talking about why XMind, the chairman of RedHerring, Alex Vieux said, “The concept behind the software and your ability to bring it to the computer world and get millions of users attached to it deserves utmost attention.” We always focus on the mind mapping and devote ourselves to bringing you the better software.

Earlier this year, XMind was also highlighted as the most popular mind mapping software on, a very important and famous website.

Now, XMind helps millions of people to get a productive and creative way of working and life. These prizes will encourage XMind team work harder to make XMind better and better.

BTW, XMind 2013 is coming now with more powerful features. You can learn more details and download XMind 2013 Beta version HERE. Please do not forget to tell us your opinions.