Innovation without boundaries

Have you used brainstorming before? For decades, individuals and enterprises are looking for better technique to come up with creative solutions. And the Brainstorming is really a great solution! It has the special rules to encourages attendees express ideas, speak out suggestions loudly. Meanwhile, as every participant can make the contribution to the final decision, Brainstorming way also motivates people to join the discussion with the big passion.

Whereas, brainstorming with the old way by using whiteboard/paper/pen also has many problems. We have to spend lots of time on modification, organization, report and etc. At the same time, our mind would be limited by the scale of whiteboard or paper or screen. Finally, we still feel confused as the solution still hides in the chaotic ideas or that we still don’t get any execution plan.

As the technology develops, we can run brainstorming more effectively. Working with XMind, we can innovate without boundaries as the edit interface is boundless. Also, it can’t be easier to organize and modify the ideas, and focus on the particular branch. More important, we can quickly make decision, form report and call for actions with the Gantt chart, the real starting point of solution.

Brainstorming Steps

Before the brainstorming, the compere will read the rules that people should avoid criticizing and rewarding the ideas. At the same time, he/she will assign one person to record the ideas. Then, the recorder launches XMind, input the central topic and click “F8” to enter the brainstorming model.

With explanation and questions, the compere try to encourage the participants to form news ideas and speak them. The ideas may seems to be a bit crazy at first. Whereas, it can enlighten the colleagues and lead to a creative approach. For this situation, we can save them as the floating topics temporarily. At this stage, we should focus on the quantity, but not quality. Drilling down the weak branch, we can balance the different directions.

When the ideas quantity is enough, we can try to evaluate and connect them to explore the solutions in the analytic way. Marker, label, relationship line, boundary and summary can bring us more convenience to express our mind more concisely and precisely.

Brainstorming Scene

Call for actions

Once completing the brainstorming session, we have got a final solution. At this stage, we need to promote its execution and bring us the real result. Working with XMind, we can quickly convert the ideas into tasks by adding the essential task information. Finally, we get a entire Gantt chart of the whole plan and easily to share it within the team. At the same time, we can guarantee the success with a bigger view of the plan and an unified cognition of the decision.

Gantt Chart