The brother topics may have similar information or concepts. For this situation, we wish to put them together and express the mutual meanings. Using the boundary functionality, we can make it in an elegant and flexible way.


Add Boundary

  1. Select the target topics
  2. Choose from the three methods below
    • Click the boundary icon on the toolbar
    • Right-click the mouse to open the context menu, choose “insert-boundary”
    • Use shortcut “Crtl+B” (Command + B for Mac User)

PS: Subtopics under different branched or different father-topics can not be in one boundary.

Add Boundary’s Description

  1. Select the boundary
  2. Input the description directly and click “Enter” to finish

Change Boundary’s properties

  1. Click “View-Property” to open the properties view
  2. Select the target boundary and change the properties of shape, color, line and font within the properties view

Contrasted with other mind mapping software, XMind supports us to change the boundary size without limitations. Drag and drop the side of the boundary to change the boundary area.

Clear the activation information

For the License Users
The license for XMind can be used on 2 PCs. For some situations, we can clear the activation information to release the license. For this time, please refer the steps below.

  1. Launch your XMind
  2. Select “Help-License”
  3. Within the pop up box, click the “View/Change” button below XMind Pro/XMind Plus
  4. Click the “clear” button at the pop up box

Clear Activation Information

For the Subscriber Users
As the Subscriber users, we can access XMind Pro/Plus anywhere by signing our XMind ID within the software. To clear the activation information, we need just to sign out our XMind ID.

  1. Launch XMind
  2. Select “Help-Sign out from” form the menu.

Sign out from

Try what you’v learned, and feel free to public your questions below.