After saving many times, adding attachments, and inserting customized markers, the size of our XMind file may become too big. Then, our XMind may run slowly, even meet some expected question. Most of the time, the reasons can be the revision, attachment and marker group. Here, we are trying to share some tips for preventing the file size getting too big.

Delete revisions

When we save our mind map with the save button or “Ctrl+S”, XMind will save a revision. And the reversion includes the scree shot and information of that XMind file. So we can check the file revision at the “Editing History” view, and even revert to the revision. Meanwhile, every revision occupies some space so that we can shrink the file size by deleting the useless ones.

  1. Open the Editing History View by clicking “File-Editing History”
  2. Within the Editing History view, select one or multiple revisions and click the “Delete” button at the view toolbar corner.

Editing History

By the way, people can also uncheck the “Automatically save new revision……” option. For this case, XMind won’t save the revision of this file.

Link to attachment

Dragging a file into XMind as an attachment via “Copy” option, we find the file size become big. Especially, when we are using XMind to manage the local files (Please refer to this article). In fact, we can create a hyperlink to the attachments, which has little influence to the file size. There are two ways to create a hyperlink, dragging the attachment into XMind and selecting “Link” option or clicking “Insert – Hyperlink”. Be careful, the link can’t work if we’ve deleted or moved the attachment. 

 Link Or Copy

“Link” Option

Add Hyperlink

Add hyperlink

At the same time, the links can’t work on the other machine. So we’d better choose to copy the attachment when sharing the mind map to colleagues or friends. By this way, the receivers can open the attachment regardless of the original file’s position.

More marker groups

XMind supports us to import customized markers and group them. Once we insert one marker of the customized marker group into the mind map, XMind will save the entire marker group within the file. That is to say, the whole size of marker group will be added to the mind map. So we recommend not to import more than 10 markers into one marker group.

To import customized markers and group them, please refer to this article.

More marker groups


Normally, we won’t feel that the file size is too big unless we’ve made many changes to the file. For this situation, the tips above can give you a hand. We can shrink the file size significantly by deleting the revisions. Meanwhile, grouping the customized markers reasonably and choosing hyperlink type can prevent the trouble effectively.