The most popular mind mapping tool

Last month, the famous Internet Media – Lifehacker launched a vote campaign of the best mind mapping tool. More than 4,000 readers from different countries joined in this voting campaign. Finally, XMind won the competition as the most popular mind mapping software by a large margin. They said “it’s still extremely flexible, works great on any desktop OS, and makes it easy to organize your ideas and thoughts in a variety of different styles, diagrams, and designs”.

During the process, Lifehacker posted 3 blogs for inviting the readers to vote for the best mind mapping tool. In the first blog of “Best Mind Mapping Tool”,  readers could nominate the best mind mapping tool in their mind. In the next blog of “Five Best Mind Mapping Tools”, five best mind mapping tool were picked out according the readers’ nomination. Meanwhile, the author invited more readers to join in the voting campaign for determining the final ranking of the five.  In the final blog of “Most Popular Mind Mapping: XMind“, the editor of Lifehacker announced the final result. Thankfully, XMind  was voted as the winner, leading the second about 8% total votes.

Without your support, we can never make this happen. XMind team will never take your trust as granted.  Working hard, we wish to bring you the better mind mapping tool.
Thank you again!