People may already know the theme in XMind. Esp. the theme-extracting feature can extract all attribute settings of topics, relationships, lines, boundaries and etc.  This also means applying a theme to the map will modify all these elements in it. But what if we just want to change the relationship, topic, or boundary only? Here is the Style.

The style feature allows us to change topic, boundary or relationship separately. And more, we can design one special topic style, extract and rename it for future usage. Below will show you how to enjoy the Style

view of the Style

Apply Style

First, let’s see how to apply the topic style into the map,

  1. Open the Style view from menu View – Styles
  2. Select the target topic(s) in the map
  3. Choose the preferred style in the Style view and double-click
  4. Now, the selected topic(s) should have a new style.

We can also apply the corresponding style to boundary, relationship and sheet by the same steps. In fact, this feature is FREE.

Extract Style

In XMind, after designing the topic, boundary, relationship and sheet, we can extract these styles for future usage.  They will be listed in the Style view.  We can rename them and apply them to the others fast. Below are steps how to extract style from a topic,

  1. Select the target topic in the map
  2. Clicking Tool-Extract Style from the menu.
    Extract Style
  3. XMind will extract this topic style and save it in the Style view.
  4. Click the name of this extracted style, we can rename it.
  5. For deleting the extracted style, please select one and click “Delete”button.
  6. The steps to extract styles of boundary, relationship and sheet are the same.

Have you tried to extract your own style and apply? Since we know how to extract and apply our own style, why not try to improve the efficiency?