Concentrating on one thing one time can make you more successful. For presentation or review of your mind map, you may desire to display and contrast just parts of topics at the screen. Filter feature can help you to concentrate on a series of topics, sharing same markers or labels. Once entered the filter mode, the background will be dark and topics containing the selected markers or labels will be lighted. By this way, the filter supports you to focus on the similar objectives and gives you a different view, such as the first priority tasks or particular person’s tasks.


Enter filter mode

Within XMind, powerful filter feature can make it accessible.

  1. Click “View – Other – Mind map – Filter” and XMind will pop up the filter view at the right side of  the screen.
  2. Within the filter view, the markers and labels of current sheet have been listed below. You can select target markers and labels by clicking the bracket.
  3. Once you select the markers or labels, XMind will enter filter mode and light the topics, maintaining the target markers. If the target markers or labels belong to the topic, which has been collapsed, XMind will enter the filter mode. Make sure the branches has been extended before apply the filter feature

(Tips: XMind supports you to select multiple markers and labels at one time. At the same time, XMind is able to edit under the filter mode)


Exit filter mode & modify the lightness

Now that you know how to enter filter mode, then how could we exit filter mode? At the same time, how to change the lightness of the screen within XMind. Try the steps below.

  1. Open filter view and there is a button of “show all” at the top right corner of it
  2. Clicking the button, XMind will exit the filter mode immediately.
    (Tips:You can also exit the filter mode by cancel the selection of markers in filter view)
  3. Besides the “show all” button, there is a “lightness” button. Clicking the button, XMind will change the lightness of the screen.


Bee line

At the bottom line of the edit window, there is a also shortcut of filter. You can enter filter mode, change the selected marker and modify the lightness.

  1. If you haven’t entered the filter mode, you can choose one established marker and enter the filter mode by one clicking on the mini filter button.
  2. If you’ve already opened the filter mode, you can modify the lightness of the screen by one clicking on it.
  3. If you’ve already changed the background darker, XMind will quit from the filter mode for one clicking.


Why not try to concentrate on the target and grasp the attention of your audience within your presentation?