• When your colleagues are using different kinds of mind mapping software, how can it achieve for your team to share mind maps? Will you all have to install multiple software or ask some to give up their favorite mind mapping software?
  • You used to be a user of FreeMind or MindManager and you have adopted XMind for its features and easy-to-use. How can you check the previously saved mind maps?
  • You’ve found a valuable and essential document on the Internet and downloaded it. What a pity. It’s not created by the mind mapping software, you’re using. Do you have to download and install the corresponding software for just opening the document?

For the above situations, you may meet some blocks on the way to success. With XMind, the feature of import and export can help you to clear them, and Collaborate without boundaries.

Import FreeMind and MindManager

First thing to know, these two features are both free. For importing the files of FreeMind and MindManager,  you may operate like below.

  1. Choose “File – Import – FreeMind or MindManager” from menu,
  2. Click the “browse” button and select the target file,
  3. For the option of “the current workbook”, XMind will append the imported file to a newly created sheet in your current workbook. For the option of “a new workbook”, XMind will append the imported sheet to a newly created workbook. The difference is the sheet and workbook.
  4. Click the “Finish” button and end the import operations

Beautify the appearance

If structure of the imported file has been changed manually before, it may show chaotic after being imported in XMind. How to beautify the imported mind map? Actually, XMind has offered an effective approach for you.

  1. Select the topics of the imported mind map by clicking “Ctrl + A”
  2. Click “Modify – Reset position” and XMind will reset the structure the position of the topics
  3. For further modification, please just select topic or line and change font, size, color or shape in the properties view.

Export FreeMind and MindManager

For exporting XMind document into FreeMind and MindManager file type.

  1. Choose “File – Export” from menu
  2. Select the target file type and click “Next” button
  3. Browse the destination file and click the “Finish” button.
  4. Then you will get .mm or .mmap files.

One more thing, actually,  you can export .xmind file into 10 different formats, like image, txt, html, whereas only a few export features are on charge. Have you tried the import and export features?