In XMind, theme is the attributes collection for text font, text color, shape and color of topics , lines, boundaries, and relationships, map’s background color and wallpaper. XMind has 6 well-designed themes in the theme view, which you can open from menu View — Theme.

Apply a theme

In Theme view, double-clicking any a theme will apply it to the current opened map immediately. Just one click, we get a well-formated map. By using theme, we can save a lot of time to get a better mind map to improve our work. And this is what XMind wants to help.

mind map with applied theme

Although we list many attributes above, but theme has not to have all of them. For example, XMind pre-made themes do not have font information. So when applying them to map, we can find that the font in map will not be changed.

Tips: For the situation that you’ve manually changed attribute of the topic or wallpaper, applying theme won’t affect that attribute. We believe the your own choice should be listed firstly. For color attribute, if you change the attribute into “automatic”, then it will change as the theme has asked for.

Design our own themes

XMind Pro offers possibility to let us design our own themes and save them for future usage. And the steps are very simple,

  1. Open a blank map, create a main topic and subtopic
  2. Select central topic and chage text font, color, line, and shape in the propeties view
  3. Do the same thing to main topic and subtopic
  4. If necessary, we can insert a relationship and boundary, and change their properties.
  5. Select Tools — Extract Theme from menu
  6. Click extract only in the coming dialog to get this theme
  7. Click name of the extracted theme in the theme view, we can rename the theme (Only work for XMind 3.3.1 version)

“Extract and apply” & “extract only”

In the theme-extracted dialog, there are two options, “extract and apply” & “extract only”. Below are their differences,

  • Extract and apply, extracting the theme from current map and apply it back.
  • Extract only, just extracting the theme from current map and save it in the theme view.

If we’re facing a big map, the first option will let us change the map with this extracted theme at once.

Rules to Extract a theme

While facing a complicated map, how does XMind extract a theme? Below are the rules XMind follows.

  1. XMind extract four levels style of topics, central topic, main topic, subtopic and floating topic.
  2. Every attribute in a level will just have one. For example, no matter how many font in main topics, theme just has one font.
  3. In each level, for every style, XMind will extract the font of the topic which was created first among all topics in the level whose fonts have been changed. If we haven’t changed the attribute of main topic 1 but change the attribute of main topic 2 and main topic 3, then XMind will extract the attribute of main topic 2.

The above rules can also work to boundaries, relationships and summaries.

Change the default theme

Every time, you create a blank mind map, it will be applied with the default theme automatically. So most time, people would love to select they favorite theme as default one, which is the one marked with a Star in the theme view. For changing the default theme,

  1. Open theme view (view — theme)
  2. Select the theme in the theme view.
  3. Click Star button at the top right corner of Theme View.

The Theme View

In the future, maybe we can share our personal theme. For now, what’s your experience of theme feature?