Aftre releasing XMind 2012, XMind website gets 441,808 visitors around the world (about 10,000 visitors everyday). And top 10 teritorries are, Unisted States, German, China Mailand, TaiWan, France, Japan, Brazil, Mecixo, Russia, and United Kingdom.
XMind Software, including XMind for Windows, XMind for Mac, XMind for Linux and XMind Portable, has 267,375 downloads from official website (about 6000 times everyday).
XMind new Support System recieves more than 900 cases. People shared many many good suggestions with us. And more than 2000 public maps are uploaded to XMind Share.

We really really want to say thanks to all people. Your support has always been our motivation. And now, XMind team is preparing a mirror update for XMind 2012, to let it more stable.

Below are a few XMind usage tips,

We will add more articles about using XMind in the support system.