Hello, everyone. Long time to wait. Today we’ve made XMind new version and the brand-new website available.

new XMind 2012

re-designed Gantt Chart
People like this feature very much although the old one is hard to use. So we improved it. In fact, we really spent much time on this. And we belive the time is worthy.

New Gantt chart supports to modify state/end date, create dependency between tasks and change timeline scale. It also works with the Drilldown feature. When drilling down in the map, gantt chart will focus on this branch only. And more important, XMind will keep enhancing this view to serve you better.

This is a very helpful feature for students, teachers, project managers, and any person who cares about how he thought things before. Revision offers the opportunity to review how map was days before and even revert back to it. Yes, back to every revision in this map from very beginning.

BTW, this feature is available in XMind free package too. At present, you can just review revisions. In the future, you could be able to do comparison between revisions.

Spellcheck view
After receiving many many requirements, XMind does have a spellcheck view now. This is a free feature. You can open it from menu, “View — Other — General — Spelling“.
It offers the option to scan current sheet or all opened workbooks, and lists the results with entire path in the map. Double-clicking one result will dirently bring you to that topic or note with error. Very simple.

New XMind packages, New business mode
This is a big and important change. Besides XMind Pro Subscription version, there are XMind Plus 2012 and XMind Pro 2012, two life-time versions. Yes, XMind offers the perpetual license now!

Below mind map shows more details of this update. Please review it online or download to read on your computer.

Brand-new XMind.net

In the meantime, XMind.net has a big change. The overall style is re-designed.

  • Clean home page with more useful information
  • Content-rich but easy-understand feature page
  • Download and pricing pages with better usability
  • Mind map page bringing the great new experience on map navigation
  • The New support center

Can’t wait? Download now!