This month, we receive many emails focusing on some same questions. I believe many other users have these questions too. So it’s necessary to write a post to share them publicly.

Q. I work in a business organization. Can I use XMind free version in the office?
A. No problem. There are no any limitations on where to use XMind free version. BTW, it is an open source software dual licensed under two licenses, LGPL and EPL. If you’re a developer, and want to do something, please bear the licenses.

Q. I have bought XMind Pro subscription code via paypal, where is my code?
A. XMind Pro Subscription code has 25 letters and numbers. If you buy with paypal, because of paypal’s rule, XMind system will send the subscription code to the primary email of your paypal account soon after your payment. If you can not find this email at inbox, please also check about the spam folder.

Q. I’m a XMind Pro user, and have a PC and Mac. Should I ordered two subscription codes if using XMind Pro on both of them?
A. No need. Current XMind Pro uses Subscription mode. So once your XMind account has been renewed by subscription code, you can launch XMind, sign in with this renewed XMind Account and enjoy XMind Pro anywhere.

Q. I have not seen any update of XMind for a few months. Are you still working on it?
A. Yes, and we’re working on XMind new version. It should not take long time to wait.