After few years, XMind Share has been proved be a very good service. Without much advertise, now, there are 43,621 maps. And we pick out 3,094 featured maps, and 1,067 DailyMap. People share their mind maps, learn from others’ and understand how to benefit from mind map, and etc. We hear these kind stories every day.

During this period, we are glad to see that more and more people spend attention on mind map and mind mapping software, like Biggerplate, the website focusing on sharing mind map. On Biggerplate, there are more than 245,000 maps made by four mind mapping software. It also offers us an opportunity to learn from other tools. 🙂

Recently, Biggerplate releases an important feature, GROUP, which is very useful. The members can round up maps those relate to our area of interest as a GROUP, then introduce it to others. Of course, we have a XMind official Group on it too. It will offer a different experience from XMind Share. Worth to try!