Every week, XMind receives many emails about the development. There are already some products in the market. Here introduces three of them.


This is made by NG Logic, a company located in Warsaw, Poland. It works on Windows. After installing it, xmindlook will help you to sync tasks between XMind and Outlook.
Recently, they released v2.0 beta 2. In this version, xmindlook will be able to support more online task managers, such as Remember the Milk, Nozbe, Toodledo, and Google Tasks. It works well on Windows. Hope someday, we can use it on Mac OS or Linux.

* This is commercial software, but can be trial 30 days free.

Mind on Track

I have to say the author is very great. He finds a good way to integrate task management idea with XMind. Because XMind can work on multiple platforms, so you can use Mind on Track anywhere too. It’s worthy to try. Another good news is that it’s free.

XMind on Roozz

This is an app in Chrome app store. Roozz makes it. After installing a small plugin, you can use xmind in Chrome. Of course, you do not need to install XMind on your computer. This brings much convenience. It works only on Windows too.

* This is a paid app. But now it releases a Holiday promotion, 50% off.

We plan to release this kind news regularly. If you’re working on this kind application, or know any software, please contact us.