2012 is coming soon. Happy new year! Have you got the ship ticket? 🙂

In 2011, XMind does not make any big things on the software. But after one-year study and preparement,  XMind Ltd understands more on many things, such as product design, web app, iOS development, mobile market and etc.

These knowledge may not let XMind be best at once, but we believe it will be better and better from 2012.

Below are the new 2012 calendar templates we made. If you need or like, please download them. Or you can also translate it to other language and re-upload.

English Version

German Version

Chinese Version

The brief instruction
The template uses Fishbone as the main structure, and spreadsheet chart every month. Each day is in the separated cell as a sub-topic. There are two common usages.

1. Drilldown & Floating topics

  • Select the date
  • Drill down (F6)
  • Add daily things as the floating topics.

2. Multiple sheet

  • Select the month (main topic)
  • Choose “Insert — New Sheet from Topic” on the menu
  • In the new sheet, add the daily tasks as date’s subtopic