XMind Portable version is special designed for people who have limitation to install software on computers, or have to use XMind temporarily on other computers. The portable version is a zip file.  Below are the steps to use it.

  1. Download this zip file at, http://www.xmind.net/downloads/. (You have done this. J)
  2. Unzip it to a clear folder, here named XMind Portable.
  3. In XMind Portable folder, there will be 5 folders, which are Commons, XMind_Linux, XMind_Linux_64bits, XMind_Mac_OS_X, XMind_Windows, and epl-v10.html, lgpl-3.0.html, readme.txt, xmindpro_licnese.txt and Usage of XMind Portable.pdf.
  4. Now according to your Operating System to choose right folder.
  5. Launch XMind and enjoy it.

So simple!  No more advanced technique required. Occasionally, some people may use it in a wrong way. Take XMind_Windows for example, people may paste XMind_Windows folder into the Program file folder, and try to launch XMind. Yes, failed every time. Please remember that, if you want to move XMind Portable to another place, please move the entire XMind Portable folder instead of part of it.