Recently, Frank Wang, my friend, a designer in L.A., shared one usage with me. Because of work, he has to swift between a Mac Book and PC. So he installs Dropbox on Mac and PC, and saves all xmind files in the local dropbox folder. Then these xmind files can be synced between Mac and PC. He said although this was simple, but very useful and helpful, esp. for people who like him have subscribed xmind pro and work on multiple workstations.

Dropbox is a very great cloud service that lets us bring our photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. After signing up an account and install on computer, dropbox will create a special folder on computer. Later, it will upload and save files in this folder to your account. What we should do is to save our xmind files at this folder. So simple.

Some people may be strange, why Frank said “especially for people have subscribed xmind pro”. Because XMind promises, Subscribe one time, Enjoy XMind Pro anywhere*. Yes, Anywhere!

XMind Pro uses subscription model. Once you renew your account with subscription code, no matter where you are, Office, Home, or in a Subway, just launch XMind, sign in with renewed xmind account, then you can enjoy XMind Pro features. Even when on a colleague’s computer, you can also launch the installed xmind, sign in with your renewed account and uses XMind Pro features to show your work.

If having interest, begin to try now!

*Normally, you should need internet access to sign in and activate XMind Pro features.