There is a piece of good news about XMind. XMind has almost finished the Russian and Danish translation.  Let’s see who have done these contribution for XMind.

Danish Translator
Mr. Finn Detlef
who is 45 years old, and works in a government department.  He told us I came across XMind about a year ago when I attended a course in my spare time at the Technical University of Denmark. I used XMind there in organizing some lectures.

Russian Translators
Mr. Sergey Sadkov and his team members
They have a large number of subscribers and popular site about mind-management in Russian. They make free and paid education courses, webinars and trainings about intelligence development.

These language packages will be available for all users in next XMind update.  Let us say Thank You to these people. Thank You very much!

If you’re interested, please download and check the translation.

  • Download the portable version, a zip file
  • Unzip it to a clear folder
  • Open this folder and modify the xmind.ini file *
    • First line: -nl
    • Second line: ru (da  for Danish)
  • Save the xmind.ini and Launch XMind

* Please read more details about xmind.ini file at No. 5 in XMind FAQ.

Please leave the modification suggestion as the comments, including The path, Wrong description, and Right description.