Today, we’re glad to share a special GTD template created by Mr. Adnan Adam Onart, working at Boston University.

The template is composed with 6 sheets which are linked with each other. Mr. Adnan also shares with us why he made this template,
GTD or Getting Things Done, the action management method, invented by David Allen, has a large following world wide. The applications for implementing it abound: From tiddlywiki’s to thick client softwares. You can also see many versions of its workflow in print or on the WEB. The advantage of using XMind for GTD is the combination of the workflow operations with its pictorial representations. The direct manipulation of the tasks on the screen creates some intuitiveness which is not easy to come buy with flat or hierarchical list system. I wish to keep the design of the map simple, free from unnecessary icons or markers. But this template comes to you as Version 0.3. As I’ll start using it, I may be adding new features or making improvements. I’ll be happy if I could also have your feedback and suggestions for future evolution.

If you’re interested, please download GTD.xmt.  After downloading it, you can directly double-click and open it with XMind,  Or open it from menu,  “File — New — New from Template…” and select this template.