Earlier this year, XMind surpassed the half a million user mark, and our user base continues to grow exponentially as more and more people discover the power of XMind.
Many people tell us, XMind helps them a lot in business. XMind lets their plan work easier, reports clearer, brainstorming faster, and etc. Some users know and begin to use XMind when they see colleagues are using it. And at last, XMind Pro has the company clients. They bought subscription codes for employees. They believe XMind can power their teams, some have even seen the improvement in work.
During the communication with these companies and small teams/organizations, while solving their problems, we also understand more their requirements. Now to serve teams, organizations, and companies better, XMind prepares multiple plans for business.
Every plan will offer a group license, and has the user number limit. One company only needs to buy one subscription code for all users.
It’ll be easy to power the team with XMind for Business.