Since XMind was put into the marketplace, we have had many supporters from Germany.  Undoubtly, XMind German version, as a bridge or a link, quickly brings XMind close to our Germany users. This is definitely a key point.

Now we would like to solemnly introduce a nice friend from Germany, Mr. Jens Pipka, a senior consultant for IT Technology and Architecture since more than 15 years, who has done XMind German translation for us voluntarily since 2007. We have had a pleasant cooperation with him. During these years, each time when XMind released a new version,  Mr. Jens Pipka kindly did us a favor for German translation. It’s not a easy thing.  We never met each other. There is a sense of trust between us. We really appreciate for all the effort he has done for XMind these years.

And we also would like to say “Thank you” to all our contributors, who help us to do translations, who help us to figure out the reasons for bugs, who offer suggestions for improvements, who do beta test for us and etc. It’s our great honor to have such nice users. Thank you all!

Now XMind new version is around the corner, with your help, therefore, XMind could have this stable and wide development.