Nowadays, we are getting used to spell checking whenever we write something. In XMind, you may meet this kind issue, when editing a topic, you expect that spell checking can help you to perfect your spelling.

Now in XMind, the default spell checking is in English. But our users come from all over the world, they speak all kinds of languages. This default spell checking couldn’t meet the need of users who come from non-English speaking countries.

If you come from non-English speaking countries, you may probably want to use your own dictionary for spell checking.

Here one of our users shared a useful website for you to find your own dictionary:

Download the very dictionary,  change the extension to .dict , then add your own dictionary to XMind. (Edit > Preferences > Mind Map > Spelling)

After doing this, in XMind, you can enjoy spell checking for French, German, Spanish and etc. Very easy and useful, right? 🙂 Whenever you need this, do not hesitate to give it a try.