Me again to share some frequently asked questions in last month.

How could I change XMind display language?
XMind: XMind v3.1.1 has 5 language packages, English(en_US), Germany(de), Japanese(ja), Simplified Chinese(zh_CN) and Traditional Chinese(zh_TW). While you launch XMind, it will select the language pack depending on your computer’ formats. If your language is out of them, XMind will use English package as default.
Of course, you can decide which package your XMind use. It’s simple too.

  • Find out XMind.ini file*.
  • Open with any text editor tool.
  • Add the following two lines file to the beginning:
    • First line: -nl
    • Second line: en_US OR de OR ja OR zh_CN OR zh_TW

*XMind.ini file is at
the XMind installation folder on Windows/Linux or
the application package on Mac (Application folder/XMind (right click)/Show Package Contents/Contents/Resources/XMind(right click)/Show Package Contents/Contents/MacOS)

The second question is asked many times by some companies’ users. We are behind the proxy, how to use XMind Pro or upload map?
XMind: When XMind is launched, there will be a sign-in dialog. After signing in with your XMind Account, you can share the map with the world or enjoy all Pro features. If you access the internet via the proxy, you should have the same settings in XMind too.
Please modify the network settings at: Preferences/Network Connections.

The third question is a bug, losing inserted image. Some users insert images into XMind. But these images sometimes disappear after re-opening the XMind files.
XMind: This is a bug. After testing, we find it happens if you open the XMind files which have the inserted images via double-click. And we are trying to fix it in the coming version.

Thank you for all people who offer the feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions about XMind usage or XMind bugs or anythings, tell us.

Thank you all again!