Here, we collect the most frequently asked questions in last month.

First one is from Nobuo a Japanese user.
“I have two PCs (my office and my home). So, I can ran one Pro version at a time. Should I purchase one license? Or I have to purchase two licenses even though?”

XMind: You only need one subscription code for all your PCs.
Being an XMind Pro user, you should have an XMind account, and then activate/renew your account with subscription code. Then with this activated account,  you can use XMind Pro on any computer which has XMind.

Second question is from Davy a French user and Florian a Germany supportor.
“I would really apreciate to used Xmind Pro even when I don’t have an Internet connection. Can you help me ?”

XMind: Of course, you can use XMind Pro offline.  The solution is:
Enable “Remember me on this computer” in the signin dialog while you signing in with your activated account. Then your XMind Pro will not ask you to sign in before the expiration date.

The last one has been asked by Many users from UK, Singapore, Spain, France, and etc.
“We would like to buy 10, or 30, or 50, please tell us the volume price.”

XMind: Yes, XMind Pro has prepared the volume discount for supporters.

  • 10% for 10-20 codes;
  • 20% for 21-50 codes;
  • 30% for 51-80 codes;
  • 40% for 81-120 codes.

And you can directly transfer money to XMind Ltd bank account in HongKong.