Below are four maps which are special and viewed/downloaded many times online. We believe it’s possible to learn something from them.

How 2 take effective note

In this map, Ms eili, a dental student shared us how to improve the note taking skills step by step.

Mind Mapping for Musicians

Mr Marko Zirkovich shares some ideas where mind mapping can be useful for musicians visualized.

Fiche Projet

Mr LOCHET Pierre-Yves who is from France, shows us a film project in XMind. He uses more elements than many other maps, such as multiple structures, boundary, relationship, summary, and markers.


This is a really amazing map! It shocks me every time I read it. In fact, I have downloaded and saved it as one favorite map. A solar system map.

In fact, I am usually surprised by the creativity when I read shared maps online. We are here, around the World, waiting yours!