Some users have reported that they paid the money via Paypal. But after finishing the payment, they still did not receive the Subscription codes. This brings much trouble for users, esp some people are very urgent to enjoy the Pro features, such as Presentation, Audio Notes, TaskInfo and Gantt Chart.

This turned out to be the problem of not finishing the full procedure. The entire procedure to subscribe XMind Pro with Paypal is below:

  1. Visit the Purchase page,
  2. Click “Buy Now” button
  3. Confirm the order quantity and Fill the simple form, and click “Continue” button below.
  4. Now, you are on the Paypal page. Please fill paypal account and password to finish the payment here.
  5. After finishing the payment, Please do not close the browser, and wait the browser back to the “Thank You” page of
  6. When you see the “Thank You” page, XMind system will automatically send Subscription Code(s) to you via email within 8 hours.

Note: Your code(s) will be sent to Paypal account email, not the registered email on

Some users just didn’t wait for the browser back to “Thank you” Page. As a result, our server wouldn’t receive the sign to send out the subscription code automatically.Once this happened, do not worry, please send an email including the purchase date, receipt no., paypal account to  You will get the Code(s) within 24 hours.