Friday, 4 December, 2009 — XMind, a leader in mind mapping, visual thinking and collaboration software, today announced XMind 3.1.1, with many important


  1. If your account has been renewed, after signing in, your XMind title will become “XMind Pro”.
  2. XMind shows the Path of current XMind file in the window title.
  3. XMind prepares the description file about “XMind File Format” for Developers.
  4. While launching XMind, you can enable “Do not show this again”. Then you can sign in under Help menu when you want to.
  5. Every Pro feature is labeled “Pro” in Menu.
  6. If you sign up an account in the inside browser, XMind will sign in automatically.
  7. If you renew you account in the inside browser, XMind will enable all Pro features automatically.
  8. Improve some translation.

and fix some Bugs:

  1. When adding local files as hyperlink in XMind for Windows version, if the path has “space”, XMind will not work well.
  2. If using Spreadsheet structure, we can not edit the column name via double-click.
  3. If showing the Legend in the map, we can not edit the description of markers in legend via double-click.
  4. While signing into your account on, we can not unsubscriber the newsletter/tips at the Setting page.
  5. After extracting a new Theme or Style, we can not rename them via double-click in the theme view or style view.