Another important thing we would like to share with you is:
Our website, has been revised successfully.

Here I list some major changes of our website:

  1. More attractive Home page: More friendly and good-looking design. You will find the target information easily.
  2. New website with many improvements, especially can work fluently on any browsers.
  3. New Downloading: Save your time, be nice, considerate to you. Two editions, one Package only.
  4. Better viewer for your online maps: Make every effort to build perfection.

At last, on this Thanksgiving Day, we also would like to take the opportunity to thank you, our friends, thanks for all your support, thanks for being with XMind for so long time. We believe that with your support, your understanding, your patience, XMind can get better and better. We are so deeply grateful to all of these, and we will take this as our forward momentum!
Wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving Day!