With an XMind account, you can present your map anywhere.

Firstly, with the account, you can upload your maps online and share with people all over the world. Also, you can choose the map you like and add to favorite, then you will see the map in your account, staying in “My favorites”. If you are an XMind Pro user, your online maps can even be shared privately as you wish. In fact, the inspiration to write this blog is from the questions raised by one XMind Pro user.  He who is a CEO from a UK company, a mind mapping fan, began to use XMind by recommendation from his friend. Later, he consulted with us about how to cooperate with his colleagues by using XMind. After knowing about the Private Sharing, and even the other one whom he wants to share with doesn’t have to pay to be a Pro user, just needs to sign up an XMind account, he was very glad about it and felt it’s very convenient.

Secondly, the account is very important to use XMind Pro. You should use a code to activate your account, and then use the activated account to sign in when launching XMind Pro. With this account, the greatest benefit is that you can use XMind Pro anywhere! No geographic and time limitations, XMind is somehow close at hand.

How convenient it is! It only takes a little bit time to sign up a free account. Why don’t you have a try to sign up an XMind ID, then enter into this wonderful mind mapping world.

Interested in it? Get you own XMind ID at: http://www.xmind.net/signup/