The wise had told us communication is very important in our life.
We also know Presentation is an important way to communicate with others, esp in work. There are many companies designing and developing the tools to let us perform better on presentation. And so do us.
Mind map brings us a great way to catch inspiration, organize sparkles, plan project, and more other things. While we designed it in 2007, we asked ourselves, since mind map is so powerful and useful, why don’t we present the map directly. Then managers, colleagues, customers,and clients can understand us more clearly. How perfect! From Oct. 2007, XMind 2008 Pro has a special feature, Full Screen Presentation. A brand-new method.
With many follow-up hours’ work, now Presentation is very stable. Here are some key points to present your map in XMind Pro:

  • What we present is the current mind map
  • Only focused topic is highlighted.
  • Focused topic will be zoomed in and auto-centered.
  • Arrow keys and enter key both can navigate all topics.
  • You can switch between multiple sheets(one XMind file is a workbook including multiple sheets.) in sidebar.
  • You can record the audio to a topic during presentation in sidebar.
  • You can filter all topics via marker and label in sidebar.
  • Below are three screenshots:
    1. Beginning. all topics are hidden, only central topic is highlighted, centralized and zoomed in:
    2. During presentation. topics which have been navigated will be shown too.
    3. Sidebar and Button panel. Move mouse to the bottom, you will see the panel button. Click sidebar button, you will see the powerful sidebar at the left side. Here, you can navigate, filter, and record.

    This presentation mode is popular used to make speech in meeting, report in hall, etc. Maybe you’re willing to share some your experience with us. 🙂